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Todays Special Offer. Digital Baby Weighing Scale. Today's digital weighing scale is a sophisticated weighing device complete with a suite of software to record and process the results achieved during weighing. The first electronic scales appeared in the late 1960s, at which time the ability to read and display one part in 10, 000 was quite an achievement. Today it is possible to display a weight to within 1 part in several million using new weight detection systems and sophisticated electronics. More range of products availabe at best price. Shop before the offer end... SAIF CARE: Royal market, opp. ashok market, nayapara raipur (C.G.) Phone: 0771-4037491/4266313 Mob: 093295-07252/09826364152, #SaifCare #Surgicalproducts #Hospitalproducts #disposableproducts #DigitalBabyWeighingScale #BabyWeighingScale
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